Alan is a sculptor, illustrator, artist and animator specialized in the game industry. Since 2005 he worked on several projects, also as the main artist.

He worked with many game publishers and he’s a member of the Sir Chester Cobblepot team like Art Director.

BGG Profile

Games Published

Apokalypsis – CardGame (Raven/ Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Blue Max –  Boardgame (Giochi Uniti / Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Bretagne – Boardgame (Placentia Games)

Brides & Bribes – Boardgame (Spacebaloon Games)

C.O.A.L. – Boardgame (Dast@Work)

Cheese –  Boardgame (Clementoni)

Cloud Mine – CardGame (Giochi uniti/ Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Collapsible D – Boardgame (Sir Chester Cobblepot)

EverZone – Boardgame (Winter Lair)

Guerra Lampo – Boardgame (IoGioco)

Indago – CardGame (Atuttotondo)

Inkognito – App for Ipad (Sir Chester Cobblepot)

L’isola dai famosi (Clementoni)

Kepler-3042 – Boardgame (Placentia Games)

Kingsport Festival – Boardgame (Kosmos/ Giochi Uniti / Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Letters from Whitechapel: Dear Boss – Boardgame  (FFG/ Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Mercante in fiera – Boardgame (Clementoni)

Murder – CardGame (Atuttotondo)

Mistero dei Templari – Boardgame (Stratelibri)

– Paolo e Francesca – Boardgame (Sir Chester Cobblepot)

– Pizza Express – Boardgame (Clementoni)

– Quelli del delitto – Boardgame (Atuttotondo)

– Rhein River Trade – Boardgame (Giochi Uniti /e-Nigma)

I Signori dei Draghi – Boardgame (Dast@Work)

I Signori dei draghi: I Segreti di Mystras – CardGame, espansione (Dast@Work)

Tale e quale Show – Boardgame (Clementoni)

Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes – Boardgame (Pendragon/ Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Wendake – Boardgame (Placentia Games)

Whitehall Mystery – Boardgame  (FFG/ Giochi Uniti / Sir Chester Cobblepot)

Alba di Cthulhu – Roleplay (Serpentarium Press)

Sine Requie: manuale base – Roleplay (Serpentarium Press)

Sine Requie: Il trono del crisantemo – Roleplay (Asterion)

Sine Requie: Tomo dei morti II – Roleplay (Asterion)

Sine Requie: U.S.A – Roleplay (Asterion)

Notte Eterna – Roleplay (Wyrd Edizioni)

Gnosis – Roleplay (Rose e Poison)

Build! – Cardgame (Strategiochi Edizioni)



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